The family and I recently took a work / play mini break to Singapore.

We have recently launched our lifestyle range Milk & Co with a brand new stockists over there, Cold Storage so we had some PR to do and to be honest I didn’t want another business trip away from the kids, so we thought we would bring them along (ambitious I know).

The trouble began when I was planning the trip. Now back in the day I didn’t think three children families where unusual however we even found it hard to even find a hotel that could house us all (note, if you are interested in themed hotels that are super tacky – you are in luck as there where plenty of rooms free and big enough there).

It is bad enough that we now all have to catch a Maxi Taxi just to go anywhere (kinda like the family from Home Alone) but now it seems that we have to book 3 separate rooms just to accommodate everyone. Not only would this cost us $1,000,000 it really isn’t practical.

Anyway I put my google skills to good work and finally found some beautiful apartment suits that didn’t cost the earth…not only were they dirt and tackiness free but they had a fantastic kids club and a pool. They even went as a far as having a kids and adults buffet… all the boxes where ticked! Just in case you are looking the place is call Frasers Suits, you can click here for there link.

I have never been to Singapore at this time of year but it was absolutely beautiful and it had such a fantastic Christmas vibe about it. Although Bali is always fantastic the old palm tree with a bit of tinsel hasn’t quite been cutting it in the kids books….don’t even get me started on how I had to explain that Santa’s sled also goes on sand, water and not just snow.

MK and I had the pleasure of helping out at the George Jensen Gift of Giving where we  wrapped presents with some lovely Singaporean celebrities.


The night previous to this we had a pre launch which unfortunately MK was unable to attend. As Stella in now almost 7 and always asking when she can come along I thought it would be nice opportunity to take her. Biggest mistake ever. I had to do a little speech and not wanting to leave her waiting on her lonesome she came up with me. Whilst I was talking she must have gotten a little nervous as she decided to put her hand up the back of my dress, exposing my butt to god knows who…might not try another event for another few years, although she did look very cute!

ImageThe next day we did the trek to Sentosa Island and did the whole Universal Studio thing.

Personally I found it to be really expensive, the kids got tired quickly and the lines for the ride were way way too long. I actually think MK got the most out of it. He keeps slipping it in that “he is so glad he went with the kids” I am thinking perhaps he would have had more fun on his own….just hanging out with Shrek.

I love love the food in Singapore, not only are there loads of cheap eats in the food courts and shopping centers. The restaurant choices are amazing!

We had a night out in the old part of China town (so old the cab driver couldn’t find it and he was Chinese!) and I had the best meal I have had in a very long time. The place was called Open Door Policy and I highly recommended it.

All in all it was a great trip, work…tick, shopping (I didn’t mention it but I did pick up a few great items)…tick and family time…tick, our job here was done and back to Bali we went.

Although always fun it was definitely enough of a big city fix for the time being.

Thanks Singapore for having us we will be back soon to launch Milk by Lindy Klim!