As we all know Spring Carnival is over for another year and if your anything like me you would have drank a whole lot more than you should have! My diet is always terrible during Spring Racing, consisting of finger food, the late night club sandwich and of course the eggs and bacon the next morning that you just HAVE to have.

Despite my good intentions the races have left me feeling a bit yuck and the Christmas parties haven’t even started yet…not to mention the Christmas ham on white bread with hot English Mustard sandwich’s which are not great for the waistline.

With my next trip into Melbs again in a few weeks I have had the good foresight to book in Eat Fit Food. They have a great 10 day detox which is delivered fresh, to your door, daily (also amazing for if you are staying in hotels)!

There is also a The Men’s X-celerator program which is a fantastic high protein menu for the men in your life that are wanting to shift a few KG before Christmas. I know MK is really excited to try this one and the extra protein will really help as he turns into a bit of a grumpy bum if he is not fed enough.

Now, I am not really one to love a detox but unlike any other I have tried the Eat Fit Food detox does not make you survive on lettuce and lemon water…the food is amazing and I
never  feel hungry. It sounds silly but I actually eat more food on the Eat Fit Food detox as I don’t have the age old excuse of ‘no time to cook’  – it is all done for me!

Another plus for me is if the meals are booked in, I have an excuse not to eat out. As we all know, eating out instantly means drinking so this is a great one for me and my liver.

I recommend Eat Fit Food to kick start your bikini body for summer. To sweeten the deal even further Eat Fit Food is offering all my readers ONE whole extra day completely for
FREE, simply just give the girls in the office a call on 1300 302 930.

I promise you will absolutely love it, and best of all – no shopping for 10 days!