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Sharing Bali is a fantastic fitness retreat that I have just discovered in Bali!

It’s high up in the hills near Ubud and it was such a joy to leave the hustle and bustle of Seminyak for a few days! There are still so many parts of Bali that are untouched and litter free..

Sharing Bali has an array of different kinds of activities from yoga, boot camps with Michelle Bridges, bike rides and trekking. You’re invited to try authentic Balinese food and have a real taste of traditional Balinese life while staying in the authentic Balinese style huts.

The owners Karan and Wayan are extremely warm and friendly and can give you a real in site to Bali living .

I joined Karen and a group of fabulous people from Melbourne who were staying the week on a boot camp retreat and I was luckily enough to be able to climb Mt Batur!

Mt Batur is an active volcano in Bali and I have always wanted to watch the sunrise from the top!

This was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced ! I highly recommend it even though it’s a 2.30am start!!! After the 4 hr round trek we then relaxed in the hot thermal springs with the most impressive mountain back drop .

Check out for more info







Cooking eggs in the Volcanic steam





I feel so sad that my time on this beautiful island is coming to an end! I have enjoyed every minute of my time on Hamilton Island and I plan to come back in November with the children!
We had our last supper ie breakfast on the beautiful Bommie Deck and my taste buds were tantalized with an array of fresh exotic fruits from Simon George and son.
After breakfast I did a hike up to the lookout which was well worth the pain and then got to relax and unwind with a relaxing massage from Spa Qualia.
Thank you to the team on Hamilton Island for showing me the most amazing time!
See you all in November!
Lindy x








Day two on Hamilton island has to be one of the best days I’ve ever had.

We rode in a helicopter to Whitehaven Beach which was spectacular! It’s honestly one of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen (you don’t get beaches like this in Bali). We then got a boat to Chalkies Beach where we had the most spectacular seafood feast – all caught locally. The day ended with a BBQ on the sand where we were in encouraged to try crocodile and Kangaroo.. none for me thanks! I just can’t do croc but did eat the most amazing chicken.

We’re so lucky as Australians to have this amazing place right on our door step. I would encourage everyone to put Hamilton Island on their list of must-go holiday destinations! If you take a good crew of people with you, there is so much fun to be had!

Lindy x











I was lucky enough to be asked to join in on the Hamilton Island Instameet: Return2Paradise, showcasing the amazing Hamilton Island and its beautiful surroundings – of course, our job was to do all of this through Instagram.



Hamilton Island has come such a long way from a few years ago when I was last here, the accommodation and restaurants are world class. I’m staying at the Yacht Club Villas which are so beautiful and big enough for a family of 6! Lucky for me I got to bring my closest friends along to enjoy the journey.

I have just spent the day at Qualia Resort and will also be dining there for dinner tonight – the setting is breathtaking and most importantly, the food is to die for. This might be a big call, but I had the most amazing seafood platter over lunch so am very excited to see what the dinner menu will bring.

Here are some pics I took since we arrived today so I hope you enjoy Hamilton island through my eyes x

The best thing about living on a hoilday island is that you get to have friends come and visit all the time. One of our favourite people is John Kappa. He is always up for anything and goes with the flow. I find that this type of guest is always the easiest and most fun! Their one and only agenda is to have a good time and hopefully we can assist with this!

The family and I recently took a work / play mini break to Singapore.

We have recently launched our lifestyle range Milk & Co with a brand new stockists over there, Cold Storage so we had some PR to do and to be honest I didn’t want another business trip away from the kids, so we thought we would bring them along (ambitious I know).

The trouble began when I was planning the trip. Now back in the day I didn’t think three children families where unusual however we even found it hard to even find a hotel that could house us all (note, if you are interested in themed hotels that are super tacky – you are in luck as there where plenty of rooms free and big enough there).

It is bad enough that we now all have to catch a Maxi Taxi just to go anywhere (kinda like the family from Home Alone) but now it seems that we have to book 3 separate rooms just to accommodate everyone. Not only would this cost us $1,000,000 it really isn’t practical.

Anyway I put my google skills to good work and finally found some beautiful apartment suits that didn’t cost the earth…not only were they dirt and tackiness free but they had a fantastic kids club and a pool. They even went as a far as having a kids and adults buffet… all the boxes where ticked! Just in case you are looking the place is call Frasers Suits, you can click here for there link.

I have never been to Singapore at this time of year but it was absolutely beautiful and it had such a fantastic Christmas vibe about it. Although Bali is always fantastic the old palm tree with a bit of tinsel hasn’t quite been cutting it in the kids books….don’t even get me started on how I had to explain that Santa’s sled also goes on sand, water and not just snow.

MK and I had the pleasure of helping out at the George Jensen Gift of Giving where we  wrapped presents with some lovely Singaporean celebrities.


The night previous to this we had a pre launch which unfortunately MK was unable to attend. As Stella in now almost 7 and always asking when she can come along I thought it would be nice opportunity to take her. Biggest mistake ever. I had to do a little speech and not wanting to leave her waiting on her lonesome she came up with me. Whilst I was talking she must have gotten a little nervous as she decided to put her hand up the back of my dress, exposing my butt to god knows who…might not try another event for another few years, although she did look very cute!

ImageThe next day we did the trek to Sentosa Island and did the whole Universal Studio thing.

Personally I found it to be really expensive, the kids got tired quickly and the lines for the ride were way way too long. I actually think MK got the most out of it. He keeps slipping it in that “he is so glad he went with the kids” I am thinking perhaps he would have had more fun on his own….just hanging out with Shrek.

I love love the food in Singapore, not only are there loads of cheap eats in the food courts and shopping centers. The restaurant choices are amazing!

We had a night out in the old part of China town (so old the cab driver couldn’t find it and he was Chinese!) and I had the best meal I have had in a very long time. The place was called Open Door Policy and I highly recommended it.

All in all it was a great trip, work…tick, shopping (I didn’t mention it but I did pick up a few great items)…tick and family time…tick, our job here was done and back to Bali we went.

Although always fun it was definitely enough of a big city fix for the time being.

Thanks Singapore for having us we will be back soon to launch Milk by Lindy Klim!

My husband MK and I are setting off on a business trip to the UK.
While I am dreading leaving the kids behind I guess work is work and the grandparents have dutifully flown over from Australia to provide assistance. All I can say is thank god for Skype, as I don’t think I could leave without knowing that I can still communicate with them this way!
When packing my bag I had a little laugh to myself about my essentials that always come with me. Obviously going to to Europe where it is getting very cold I have packed lot’s and lot’s of warm things.

First and foremost I am LOVING this new brand Kid check it out here. They have the best cashmere’s ever! When the weather gets cold I find it hard to part ways with this little item.

My Isabel Marant jumper is another must have that I just can’t live without. The Kit Cashmere or Isabelle Marrant are easily teamed with my Connies and skinny leg jeans creating the perfect, warm and comfy outfit, time and time again which is great for travelling.

My other essentials are my massive can of Glen 20 (you never know who has been touching that remote control before you) and my Diptyque candles that remind me of home.

For some reason scent is really important for me. The first time I had to leave Frankie for the night I had to go out and buy the reeds that I had had in the hospital room when she was born just because I knew I would miss her so much – weird but true!

My last and final must have on this trip was the new read, The Engagement. For someone that never has time to read, travelling long distance like this finally provides me with the time to get into a good book.

That’s all from me for now but stay tuned as we will have some more exciting news on the Milk & Co front form the UK shortly.

Well the Australian holiday season is upon us and it seems that every man and his dog wants a tip about Bali, and with me being half Balinese I seem to be the go to woman!

So to save my phone bill I thought I might do a new list of the “do’s and don’ts” whilst visiting this beautiful island:

1. Try to book your flight back to Oz during the afternoon or if the option is there, go through Singapore. Although the night time option might not sound too bad when booking (especially the price point) it is HELL in reality and even worse when you have kids. It will undo all the relaxation gained on your holiday and is definitely not worth it.

2. If at all possible, try not to come right now! Being school holidays and peak season the place is FULL of Australians and is bursting at the seams. As lovely as it would be to see you all, Bali is beautiful anytime of the year and you can get some great rates going at alternative times. If you do decide to come now just keep in mind that it is peak season, it will be busy and realistically less pleasurable for those that want that “get away” holiday.

3. Those places that used to be popular such as Kuta and Legian now seem to be overrun with your typical bogan, so I would tend not to recommended these places, unless of course you are after the perfect Bintang wife beater! Even Seminyak is becoming a bit crowded however this is where all the good shops and restaurants are.

4. Please do NOT get your hair braided! Although it might seem like a good idea (although it never would to me) it is not cool unless you are under the age of 10, no one wants to see that. To add to that, don’t go getting a tattoo! Again, as great as you may think it will look from the appearance of some of these “tattoo bars”, at the very least they could land you some time in the Bali Clinic with an infection and at most you could end up with a slight touch of HIV – just saying!

5. Definitely try and get out and about. Believe it or not there are some amazing sights outside the realms of your hotel. I would suggest trying to visit some other parts of the island such as Candidasa, Lovina and Karma Kendara. These places are all amazing and you will be thanking me the whole time! It’s sad as I know people that have been going to
Bali for over 15 years and still haven’t seen a temple. Understandably everyone is different but if you are going to the hassle of visiting another country, you might as well make the effort to learn a little more about it than just the hotel and gift shop. If not, you might as
well just trim your holiday back to Brisvegas.

6. Don’t bring prams, car seats and drugs! It might sound like the last one is simple and I don’t want to point any fingers, but I think we can all think of someone that might have had a far better 8 years if she had thought about this more before packing her boogie bag and purchasing her ticket.

7. Do bring alcohol as it’s very expensive! I would also suggest packing your Milk Drytouch sunscreen for adult and baby (Protect Me + Sunscreen is our latest and greatest product), and a baby carrier if you have children (or need to carry your partner home after drinking all that alcohol you packed). Anything else is pretty much accessible whilst in Bali.

Now to eating, my top five restaurants:

1. Mama San . Kerobokan no 135

This is my absolute favourite, the roti here is unbelievable!

2. Sarong

3. Petitenget – no webiste that I could find but the number is 03614733054

The  guy that owns  Petitenget (Sean)  also owns Corner Store. Corner Store has a great feel and is a fantastic meeting place, it’s even a great to people watch. The food is always famtastic and the wine list isn’t too expensive (this is very unheard of in Bali)

4. Deus

This place is super cool and is famous for their hotted up motorbikes and surf boards as well as their clothing line, so a definite must. Again, the food here is amazing with a Thai flavour. They have great artists performing all the time and it’s set in the middle of rice fields which adds to the atmosphere. This place now even boasts a half pipe for the cool kids to use (not sure if Rocco is brave enough just yet?)

5. Sea Circus – this is a great place to come and eat as a family! Most of the dishes are for sharing, make sure you get the churros for dessert as it’s to die for!!!

I know I said five places but we can’t for forget Ku Da Ta, this will always be one of my favourite places to eat. It’s an institution and with a head chef like Phil Davenport on deck you know the food will always be incredible.

Favourite places to hang out:

– Karma Kendara – this is by far is my most favourite! For those of you who complain about Bali beaches you obviously haven’t been there! The beach cafe is super cool and serves up Greek cuisine all day long.
– KDT – for kids’ Sunday sessions
– Echo Beach – see Michael and Rocco after catching a few waves here below.
– Candidasa
– My family temple

Best day spas:

My favourite is Lux at Sentosa in Seminyak. The facials are amazing and the staff are wonderful, they have had the same ladies working there forever and they will give you the best tasting Lemon Ginger and Honey Tea ever. I think about it all the time.

Karma Kendara – you just can’t go past it.

Chill in Seminyak ph 0361734701 – we will go at least once a week if we are on an extended stay and every day if on a short stay.

A lot of people have told me of late that they are enjoying Body Works and I am not sure why. The times I have been the place has been disgusting and I have felt like I am getting a massage in the Kerobakan prison. Honestly you’re better off getting a massage from any of the beautiful ladies on the beach for around 15 bucks! Just make sure you
take your own oil.

Things for kids:

– Lollypops
– Horse riding
– Water sports
– Animal safari park
– Elephant riding

Also my kids love to hang out on the beach and learn how to kite fly with the local kids. It’s the best! There are also millions of kids club they can join, my kids love Spice School in Seminyak and 3V Kids Club. They are always guaranteed a good time and you can come and go as you please.

Spice School ph +6281514571738, 3v +623617898967. Photo Head and KDT also have kids’ sessions on Sundays – these are always great.


– Babysitters around $4-5, 40-50 thousand rp and hour try and work out a day rate… who has time to add up all of that rupiah!
– Motorbikes – $4 a day
– Car about $10 a day but this becomes cheaper the longer you rent it
– Driver for half a day about $25

So there you go! I think I have covered off almost everything.

To finish though I do have to quickly say that although Bali has become incredibly Westernised over the last 20 or so years, in reality it is still is a third world country. Although it does have those amazing shops, restaurants and bars with many of the locals speaking well articulated English, there will of course always be things like a bad smell here or there, a few ditches in the roads, mosquitoes in certain places and who knows you may even get a touch of Bali Belly if you take ice in your water. If these things are going to irritate you there are plenty of other places such a Noosa or the Goldy to visit and are
probably far better suited!

For those of you who don’t care have a great time and safe travels! Who knows, you may see me on a scooter taking MK and all three kids for a spin!

I have recently been on some business trips for Milk & Co. to Sydney. I love getting to Sydney every chance I can get. I absolutely love being there; if I had my time again I would move there in a heartbeat.

I love everything it has to offer; except for the traffic and the fact that I would never be able to afford to own property there.

I love that you can spend the whole day at the beach with the kids and then just put a shirtdress on over your favourite bikini and spend the afternoon having drinks at places like The Winery or North Bondi.

I would love Rocco to spend his days on his skateboard skating down to the beach; it’s got such a cool vibe.


We have some really great friends in Sydney and I’m always very envious of their lifestyle. We usually stay at The Establishment in the city, or a little place called The Medusa in Darlinghurst. The boys there always look after us and it’s in a great location.

There are so many great restaurants in Sydney too and some of my favourites at the moment are:

Neild Avenue – they do great share plates and platters. It’s in Rushcutters Bay and I also love Toko in Surry Hills.

Sydney is definitely a place I could live out my days. Ah well, maybe one day but right now, Melbourne’s where home is.

So you’ve probably heard by now that MK didn’t make the Olympic team. I surprised myself at how emotional I got when he swam his last race, I just felt so bad for him as he had worked his butt off.

It was bittersweet as I wanted him home with us but I also wanted him on the team. At least what he did was what he wanted to do, and that was for the kids to see him race.

Our little tour of Adelaide was interesting and I think the kids had a good time, although I think they may have contracted scurvy from eating too many hot chips.

I was thankful for my two friends Liba and Nat who came along to help out and also to calm my nerves. I was also thankful that I packed the Glen20, as the hotel accommodation was less than desirable.

MK’s family were also there watching on as he competed in yet another Olympic trial. I can’t imagine what it must be like for his Mum and Dad to watch him swim but they have been there every step of the way and have been so supportive of his dreams.


All in all, I think MK was relieved and we can finally move onto the next chapter in our lives: Milk is going from strength to strength and we may also do a little time in Bali. Although, if MK keeps eating the way he has been prior to the swim trials, you may possibly see him put on 50kg and get the chance to see him on Celebrity Overhaul!

I’m extremely proud of my husband for all that he has achieved; he is still one of the greatest athletes Australia has ever seen.