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You would already be aware that I divide my time between Melbourne and Bali which means when I am back in Melbourne for work, I hit the ground running and am in back-to-back meetings!

I barely have time to do anything and the massive list that the children give me of what to buy them as their (gifts) is ever expanding! I often also need to just grab some bits and pieces in general for myself and the family as a whole. Thank goodness there is a Target store near me when I am back and staying in Melbourne! It’s my one stop shop and in there I can get my hands on any number of things for the kids, as well as some basics and accessories for myself.

The children’s clothes at Target are so on trend and so affordable, and the fact that my children are growing at a rate of knots Target kids’ fashion is perfect for them! I love the t-shirts and skirts for Stella and this denim skirt is perfect for her. For Rocco, there are Batman costumes, great wearing t-shirts, shorts, and other basics. And for little Frankie, there is just almost too much to choose from!

Personally I find it a ridiculous waste of money to spend copious amounts of cash on children’s clothing as they trash them in half a second. With all the different collaborations that Target is involved in such as Ksubi for Kids and Collete Dinnigan for Kids there is also no fear of daggy looking kids hanging out in the playground!

While I am in there, let’s face it, there is also some things that I can grab for myself. Target has great basics and ‘essentials’ and some of the accessories on offer are great to pair up with an outfit.

In this trip I stocked up: all the basics like undies, bras and t-shirts and then of course I had to do the toy aisle too!! I don’t think I would ever be forgiven if I didn’t bring back something Batman-related for Rocco!!!!

You can check out all that Target has on offer here








I love myself a kimono and have always had a fascination with them! I love how they make you feel, so regal and chic even first thing in the morning….

I recently discovered Lisa’s Closet, a girl from Byron who has managed to capture all the styles I love and live by through her kimonos! They are all made by hand and screen printed in Bali using traditional techniques.

Lisa’s style in her own words ‘will undobtubly want you all to get a bit of warrior princess in you and rock out’ in one of her beautiful creations!

Lisa’s style …. “I am a lover of all things Bohemian. I collect treasures from bygone eras. I am intrigued by the beauty that lives within other cultures. I am retro 60’s, slam’n 70’s and RAD 80’s. I am gypsy. I am future chic. I am whatever I want to be.”







Carly Brown Photography.

I was lucky enough to be nominated in this years InStyle Women of Style awards in the beauty category which was very exciting for me seeing as I have never been nominated for anything in my life!!!

Toni made my beautiful one of a kind dress for me and I will be forever grateful, thanks Toni. Shoes were by Dior and my amazing jewellery was by Cerrone who also made my engagement and wedding bands. Tre flew up to do my make up and the fabulous team at Moroccan Oil did my hair.

A fleet of Audi’s picked us up from the Langham to deliver us to the snow white carpet. Host Jessica Rowe kicked off proceedings and we got to listen to the beautiful voice of Emma Birdsall to close the show.

Nicole Kidman was inducted into the hall of fame and her Mum accepted the award for her, making a hilarious and influential speech.

I would like to say congrats to Nads founder Sue Ismiel for winning the beauty category and although it wasn’t me I still felt so proud to be a part of this diverse mix of influential women (girl power!)



Mr Toni M what can I say?? You are truly the most talented man I know! I will be dreaming of your show for a long time as it was simply heaven! 
Love you always Lx ImageImage


ImageImagePictures courtesy of APL Photography



Headed up to fashion week to see my gf Kym Ellery. I have always been a huge fan of Ellery, loving the structure and comfort of her designs. Ellery takes up major real estate in my wardrobe!


All photos courtesy of APL Photography

Now that I am lucky enough to be spending the majority of my time on a tropical island, it means that generally I will be donning my bikini’s at least once a day.

Like most women, I often struggle with the idea that I have had three children, and am getting slightly on in the years however, as long as I am not lying in front of a mirror I really don’t care and neither should you. As long as you feel comfortable I figure go for it!

Sadly, I have found that most of my favorite old brands just aren’t up to scratch when it comes to actually wearing them more than a few times in them in the pool or ocean (I suppose back home I wasn’t going for a dip every other day and didn’t tend to notice so much). After only a few wears they just seemed to start falling apart!

I also can’t comprehend how a teeny tiny piece of fabric that is so small can cost up to $300 (or more)!!! Any how I thought I may share with you my new favorite brands EVER….!

Triangl Bikinis release new prints all the time and at only $79 a set they are pretty much a steal. In fact I can get 3.7 pairs for the old price I used to pay! Everything to do with the design is carefully thought out down to the very last degree and with a handy online shop it makes things super easy! You can check them out here at

I have included some images for your just to get you even more excited…I hope you enjoy them as mush as I do!

Malibu Blue


Miami Mint

ImageAnd last but not least…New York Noir



I don’t know about anyone else but the last few weeks seem to have dragged on forever, and I think the kids are actually more sick of me than I am of them. It seems to me that Stella and Rocco start off as best of friends at the beginning of the holidays and this friendship slowly deteriorate throughout the weeks, until I notice sly pokes and kicks to one another in the back seat of the car. By the end of the holidays it is pretty much world war three.

I recently took the kids back to Australia (for the last 6 months the kids have been attending an international school in Bali) as it was an ideal time to get all the school paraphernalia sorted! We did the usual school fitting at a Clarks store which I find super important. Not only are the kids happier when there shoes actually fit properly but I can’t bear the thought of hot smelly feet in non leather s hoes! The trained fitters in the Clarks store used an expert fitting process, called the 10 Step Check to ensure Stella and Rocco had the perfect fit and right amount of growing room – you can see the full checklist online here. Rocco came away with the best-selling lace-up style, Daytona, and Stella picked up another pair of Mary-Jane style-shoes called Petite – she’d gone up two sizes.  After the shoe fitting we did a big shop for lunch boxes, pencil cases etc. The kids always have a great time helping me and I find it really helps with the preschool jitters if they are excited about using something new on their first day.

It will certainly be a lonely day next week as I even have Frankie my youngest starting play group! Lucky we are in the process of adopting a Bali dog for the kids (and to keep me company) or I may start thinking of baby number 4!

It will certainly be a lonely day next week as I even have Frankie my youngest starting play group! Lucky we are in the process of adopting a Bali dog for the kids (and to keep me company) or I may start thinking of baby number 4!

To find out more about the Clark back-to-school collect visit or head to the Clarks Facebook Page





Okay…so I have finally got my hands on some items from the Ksubi Kids for Target range and I have to say Stella and Rocco are in LOVE!!!

My two eldest children have never been known for dressing conservatively (Rocco used to rock his Hi Top Trainers and tutu at the age of three – MK was a little worried there for a while…hehe) but I guess I am not really known for that either.

I have always felt that the way you dress reflects your personality and both Stella and Rocco are sooooo Ksubi Kids! Loud, fun and a little bit eccentric!

I have never made my children wear a particular type of clothing. Although I am the one who obviously buys the outfits they decide from day to day what to wear and have a strong say in what they like and don’t like. Stella particularly will often have several outfit changes throughout the day (much to my dismay as the washing basket continues to fill) and if she doesn’t like something that I have brought she simply won’t put it on. Discussion closed.

Although we all love to shop I have always found it hard to find kids’ clothing that is unique, durable and doesn’t break the bank… although it is tempting to spend a sizeable about of money on your kids clothes as they look so cute, it just isn’t practical when they will be too big for it within 6 months.

Thanks to the Ksubi Kids for Target range, we are thankfully sorted; and the best part is we love the outfits the kids received and the kids love them too! Check out the hashtag for some more pics #KsubiTarget2012

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.45.56 AMphoto

Our company Milk & Co is currently re branding so watch out world, big things are happening!

Since we started Milk back in 2008 with the men’s skincare range we then moved into Baby products, then Protein and nutritionally balanced snacks, and more recently we have been working on my Skincare and Apparel range. No longer just a skincare range we really wanted to communicate this with some new imagery. We (MK the kids and I) had the pleasure to work with some of the most amazing and talented people for the shoot and we are so happy with the results.

The crew was made up of

Ben Sullivan- our photographer, Ben flew in from Sydney to Bali and in all my years as a model I don’t think I have ever worked with a better photographer. He made the whole family feel so comfortable and was such a beautiful person. The work he has done is also absolutely amazing!

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 11.37.19 AM











Tre Dallas aka Tre-yonce – came from Melbourne and helped with styling.  Tre did a remarkable job. I am a little insecure about my skin when being photographed and he did such and amazing jog working with me on this one. He was also able to source some beautiful clothing including Victoria + Woods and Aquila. Such a pleasure to work with you again Tre!

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 11.40.25 AM











The last member in our team was Bonnie (sorry Bon but I didn’t have one of you unless I got my sister to stalk you on facebook) from Paper Stone Scissors who did a fantastic job at Art Directing and was an absolutely delight to work with.

The day was an amazing success and we didn’t even have one minor hiccup despite working with three small children. God love them but they can be hard work when not entertained 24/7.

All in all it was a fantastic day and and we are super excited to show you all the results next year.

p.s  because I am so excited I have included a sneak peak of images below…Shhhhhh!




Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 10.35.41 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 10.34.25 AM

I have got some exciting news!! I have just found out that Ksubi are doing a kids for Target range and I can’t wait to get my hands on them for Stella and Rocco!

Michael and I have always been huge Ksubi fans so I am very excited I can now get some Ksubi threads for our kids! I have found it hard finding cool clothes for the kids, especially boys, so now Rocco will finally look like the rock star that he is!

Stay tuned for some more info and watch out for my Tweets & Instagram pics #KsubiTarget2012