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Day two on Hamilton island has to be one of the best days I’ve ever had.

We rode in a helicopter to Whitehaven Beach which was spectacular! It’s honestly one of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen (you don’t get beaches like this in Bali). We then got a boat to Chalkies Beach where we had the most spectacular seafood feast – all caught locally. The day ended with a BBQ on the sand where we were in encouraged to try crocodile and Kangaroo.. none for me thanks! I just can’t do croc but did eat the most amazing chicken.

We’re so lucky as Australians to have this amazing place right on our door step. I would encourage everyone to put Hamilton Island on their list of must-go holiday destinations! If you take a good crew of people with you, there is so much fun to be had!

Lindy x












I was lucky enough to be asked to join in on the Hamilton Island Instameet: Return2Paradise, showcasing the amazing Hamilton Island and its beautiful surroundings – of course, our job was to do all of this through Instagram.



Hamilton Island has come such a long way from a few years ago when I was last here, the accommodation and restaurants are world class. I’m staying at the Yacht Club Villas which are so beautiful and big enough for a family of 6! Lucky for me I got to bring my closest friends along to enjoy the journey.

I have just spent the day at Qualia Resort and will also be dining there for dinner tonight – the setting is breathtaking and most importantly, the food is to die for. This might be a big call, but I had the most amazing seafood platter over lunch so am very excited to see what the dinner menu will bring.

Here are some pics I took since we arrived today so I hope you enjoy Hamilton island through my eyes x