Sharing Bali is a fantastic fitness retreat that I have just discovered in Bali!

It’s high up in the hills near ubud and it was such a joy to leave the hussel and bussal of seminyak for a few days! There are still so many parts of bali that are untouched and litter free..

sharing bali has an array of different kinds of activities from yoga , boot camps with Michelle Bridges , bike rides and trekking, Your invited to try authentic Balinese food and have a real taste of traditional Balinese life while staying in the authentic Balinese style huts.

The owners Karan and wayan are extreamly warm and friendly and can give you a real in site to Bali living .

I joined Karen and a group of fabulous people from Melbourne who were staying the week on a boot camp retreat and I was luckily enough to be able to climb mt batur!

Mt Batur is an active volcano in bali and I have always wanted to watch the sunrise from the top!

This was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced ! I highly recomend it even though its a 2.30am start!!! After the 4 hr round Treck we then relaxed in the hot thermal springs with the most impressive mountin back drop .

Check out .au for more info