Headed up to fashion week to see my gf Kym Ellery. I have always been a huge fan of Ellery, loving the structure and comfort of her designs. Ellery takes up major real estate in my wardrobe!


All photos courtesy of APL Photography


Now that I am lucky enough to be spending the majority of my time on a tropical island, it means that generally I will be donning my bikini’s at least once a day.

Like most women, I often struggle with the idea that I have had three children, and am getting slightly on in the years however, as long as I am not lying in front of a mirror I really don’t care and neither should you. As long as you feel comfortable I figure go for it!

Sadly, I have found that most of my favorite old brands just aren’t up to scratch when it comes to actually wearing them more than a few times in them in the pool or ocean (I suppose back home I wasn’t going for a dip every other day and didn’t tend to notice so much). After only a few wears they just seemed to start falling apart!

I also can’t comprehend how a teeny tiny piece of fabric that is so small can cost up to $300 (or more)!!! Any how I thought I may share with you my new favorite brands EVER….!

Triangl Bikinis release new prints all the time and at only $79 a set they are pretty much a steal. In fact I can get 3.7 pairs for the old price I used to pay! Everything to do with the design is carefully thought out down to the very last degree and with a handy online shop it makes things super easy! You can check them out here at Triangl.com.au.

I have included some images for your just to get you even more excited…I hope you enjoy them as mush as I do!

Malibu Blue


Miami Mint

ImageAnd last but not least…New York Noir



I don’t know about anyone else but the last few weeks seem to have dragged on forever, and I think the kids are actually more sick of me than I am of them. It seems to me that Stella and Rocco start off as best of friends at the beginning of the holidays and this friendship slowly deteriorate throughout the weeks, until I notice sly pokes and kicks to one another in the back seat of the car. By the end of the holidays it is pretty much world war three.

I recently took the kids back to Australia (for the last 6 months the kids have been attending an international school in Bali) as it was an ideal time to get all the school paraphernalia sorted! We did the usual school fitting at a Clarks store which I find super important. Not only are the kids happier when there shoes actually fit properly but I can’t bear the thought of hot smelly feet in non leather s hoes! The trained fitters in the Clarks store used an expert fitting process, called the 10 Step Check to ensure Stella and Rocco had the perfect fit and right amount of growing room – you can see the full checklist online here. Rocco came away with the best-selling lace-up style, Daytona, and Stella picked up another pair of Mary-Jane style-shoes called Petite – she’d gone up two sizes.  After the shoe fitting we did a big shop for lunch boxes, pencil cases etc. The kids always have a great time helping me and I find it really helps with the preschool jitters if they are excited about using something new on their first day.

It will certainly be a lonely day next week as I even have Frankie my youngest starting play group! Lucky we are in the process of adopting a Bali dog for the kids (and to keep me company) or I may start thinking of baby number 4!

It will certainly be a lonely day next week as I even have Frankie my youngest starting play group! Lucky we are in the process of adopting a Bali dog for the kids (and to keep me company) or I may start thinking of baby number 4!

To find out more about the Clark back-to-school collect visit Clarks.com.au or head to the Clarks Facebook Page





Okay…so I have finally got my hands on some items from the Ksubi Kids for Target range and I have to say Stella and Rocco are in LOVE!!!

My two eldest children have never been known for dressing conservatively (Rocco used to rock his Hi Top Trainers and tutu at the age of three – MK was a little worried there for a while…hehe) but I guess I am not really known for that either.

I have always felt that the way you dress reflects your personality and both Stella and Rocco are sooooo Ksubi Kids! Loud, fun and a little bit eccentric!

I have never made my children wear a particular type of clothing. Although I am the one who obviously buys the outfits they decide from day to day what to wear and have a strong say in what they like and don’t like. Stella particularly will often have several outfit changes throughout the day (much to my dismay as the washing basket continues to fill) and if she doesn’t like something that I have brought she simply won’t put it on. Discussion closed.

Although we all love to shop I have always found it hard to find kids’ clothing that is unique, durable and doesn’t break the bank… although it is tempting to spend a sizeable about of money on your kids clothes as they look so cute, it just isn’t practical when they will be too big for it within 6 months.

Thanks to the Ksubi Kids for Target range, we are thankfully sorted; and the best part is we love the outfits the kids received and the kids love them too! Check out the hashtag for some more pics #KsubiTarget2012

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.45.56 AMphoto

Our company Milk & Co is currently re branding so watch out world, big things are happening!

Since we started Milk back in 2008 with the men’s skincare range we then moved into Baby products, then Protein and nutritionally balanced snacks, and more recently we have been working on my Skincare and Apparel range. No longer just a skincare range we really wanted to communicate this with some new imagery. We (MK the kids and I) had the pleasure to work with some of the most amazing and talented people for the shoot and we are so happy with the results.

The crew was made up of

Ben Sullivan- our photographer, Ben flew in from Sydney to Bali and in all my years as a model I don’t think I have ever worked with a better photographer. He made the whole family feel so comfortable and was such a beautiful person. The work he has done is also absolutely amazing!

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 11.37.19 AM











Tre Dallas aka Tre-yonce – came from Melbourne and helped with styling.  Tre did a remarkable job. I am a little insecure about my skin when being photographed and he did such and amazing jog working with me on this one. He was also able to source some beautiful clothing including Victoria + Woods and Aquila. Such a pleasure to work with you again Tre!

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 11.40.25 AM











The last member in our team was Bonnie (sorry Bon but I didn’t have one of you unless I got my sister to stalk you on facebook) from Paper Stone Scissors who did a fantastic job at Art Directing and was an absolutely delight to work with.

The day was an amazing success and we didn’t even have one minor hiccup despite working with three small children. God love them but they can be hard work when not entertained 24/7.

All in all it was a fantastic day and and we are super excited to show you all the results next year.

p.s  because I am so excited I have included a sneak peak of images below…Shhhhhh!




Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 10.35.41 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 10.34.25 AM

The family and I recently took a work / play mini break to Singapore.

We have recently launched our lifestyle range Milk & Co with a brand new stockists over there, Cold Storage so we had some PR to do and to be honest I didn’t want another business trip away from the kids, so we thought we would bring them along (ambitious I know).

The trouble began when I was planning the trip. Now back in the day I didn’t think three children families where unusual however we even found it hard to even find a hotel that could house us all (note, if you are interested in themed hotels that are super tacky – you are in luck as there where plenty of rooms free and big enough there).

It is bad enough that we now all have to catch a Maxi Taxi just to go anywhere (kinda like the family from Home Alone) but now it seems that we have to book 3 separate rooms just to accommodate everyone. Not only would this cost us $1,000,000 it really isn’t practical.

Anyway I put my google skills to good work and finally found some beautiful apartment suits that didn’t cost the earth…not only were they dirt and tackiness free but they had a fantastic kids club and a pool. They even went as a far as having a kids and adults buffet… all the boxes where ticked! Just in case you are looking the place is call Frasers Suits, you can click here for there link.

I have never been to Singapore at this time of year but it was absolutely beautiful and it had such a fantastic Christmas vibe about it. Although Bali is always fantastic the old palm tree with a bit of tinsel hasn’t quite been cutting it in the kids books….don’t even get me started on how I had to explain that Santa’s sled also goes on sand, water and not just snow.

MK and I had the pleasure of helping out at the George Jensen Gift of Giving where we  wrapped presents with some lovely Singaporean celebrities.


The night previous to this we had a pre launch which unfortunately MK was unable to attend. As Stella in now almost 7 and always asking when she can come along I thought it would be nice opportunity to take her. Biggest mistake ever. I had to do a little speech and not wanting to leave her waiting on her lonesome she came up with me. Whilst I was talking she must have gotten a little nervous as she decided to put her hand up the back of my dress, exposing my butt to god knows who…might not try another event for another few years, although she did look very cute!

ImageThe next day we did the trek to Sentosa Island and did the whole Universal Studio thing.

Personally I found it to be really expensive, the kids got tired quickly and the lines for the ride were way way too long. I actually think MK got the most out of it. He keeps slipping it in that “he is so glad he went with the kids” I am thinking perhaps he would have had more fun on his own….just hanging out with Shrek.

I love love the food in Singapore, not only are there loads of cheap eats in the food courts and shopping centers. The restaurant choices are amazing!

We had a night out in the old part of China town (so old the cab driver couldn’t find it and he was Chinese!) and I had the best meal I have had in a very long time. The place was called Open Door Policy and I highly recommended it.

All in all it was a great trip, work…tick, shopping (I didn’t mention it but I did pick up a few great items)…tick and family time…tick, our job here was done and back to Bali we went.

Although always fun it was definitely enough of a big city fix for the time being.

Thanks Singapore for having us we will be back soon to launch Milk by Lindy Klim!

As we all know Spring Carnival is over for another year and if your anything like me you would have drank a whole lot more than you should have! My diet is always terrible during Spring Racing, consisting of finger food, the late night club sandwich and of course the eggs and bacon the next morning that you just HAVE to have.

Despite my good intentions the races have left me feeling a bit yuck and the Christmas parties haven’t even started yet…not to mention the Christmas ham on white bread with hot English Mustard sandwich’s which are not great for the waistline.

With my next trip into Melbs again in a few weeks I have had the good foresight to book in Eat Fit Food. They have a great 10 day detox which is delivered fresh, to your door, daily (also amazing for if you are staying in hotels)!

There is also a The Men’s X-celerator program which is a fantastic high protein menu for the men in your life that are wanting to shift a few KG before Christmas. I know MK is really excited to try this one and the extra protein will really help as he turns into a bit of a grumpy bum if he is not fed enough.

Now, I am not really one to love a detox but unlike any other I have tried the Eat Fit Food detox does not make you survive on lettuce and lemon water…the food is amazing and I
never  feel hungry. It sounds silly but I actually eat more food on the Eat Fit Food detox as I don’t have the age old excuse of ‘no time to cook’  – it is all done for me!

Another plus for me is if the meals are booked in, I have an excuse not to eat out. As we all know, eating out instantly means drinking so this is a great one for me and my liver.

I recommend Eat Fit Food to kick start your bikini body for summer. To sweeten the deal even further Eat Fit Food is offering all my readers ONE whole extra day completely for
FREE, simply just give the girls in the office a call on 1300 302 930.

I promise you will absolutely love it, and best of all – no shopping for 10 days!

I have got some exciting news!! I have just found out that Ksubi are doing a kids for Target range and I can’t wait to get my hands on them for Stella and Rocco!

Michael and I have always been huge Ksubi fans so I am very excited I can now get some Ksubi threads for our kids! I have found it hard finding cool clothes for the kids, especially boys, so now Rocco will finally look like the rock star that he is!

Stay tuned for some more info and watch out for my Tweets & Instagram pics #KsubiTarget2012

WHERE – Swisse Marquee, Mumm and Gucci suite

DRESS + SHOES – Gucci (lucky me)! Headdress was H& M Singapore and I had my favorite florist In Full Bloom South Melbourne sew flowers on.

HAIR – Ivan Constable from Work Sense in the city (http://www.worksensehair.com.au/)

MAKE UP – Tre’ Dallas

ACCOMMODATION – Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto

I was feeling a little tired on Cup Day as I had been working on Monday in the office (unlike the rest of Melbourne who seemed to take Monday off work).

Thankfully my dress was sorted late the week before and I was a very lucky girl wearing Gucci!

No rock star chopper this time but we had a very lovely drive, Stan. Unfortunately the traffic was horrific and we where stuck for what felt like hours on the way in. I guess that’s the way things go with the races.

We arrived at the Birdcage to find that MK was not actually allowed entry to the races due to no socks. Panic set in but only for a short while as a lovely kid selling the Herald Sun on the corner politely offered MK the use of his socks for the day in exchange for a Facebook photo!

I have always said that MK was immune against bacteria disease such as Tinea due to his many years on pool floors but I don’t know about this one. God only knows what fungal infections where exchanged that day….makes me laugh as MK is usually the most anal one out of the both of us when it comes to that kind of thing, To make matters worse we then noticed that the fashion on the fields winner for that day wasn’t wearing socks (WTF!).

Moving on…the Swisse Marquee was lot’s of fun, they had great Lachi cocktails and we met some fantastic Olympians who had just returned from the 2012 Olympics. We also caught up with a good friend  George Calombaris and his beautiful pregnant wife Nat.

We strolled past the Mumm Marquee where they kindly asked MK to ‘knock the top off one’ – there words not mine. This would have had to be the highlight of MK’s days (apart from the socks of course).

We then headed up to Gucci which had the most amazing view. It never ceases to amaze me as their box is positioned right over the finish line. Whilst there we where treated to more beautiful cocktails and amazingly yummy food. It was lovely to meet all Gucci’s VIP customers t00! Another pic below…MK and I just couldn’t help ourselves.

5 O’clock – home time!!! I was so happy to see Stan our driver and didn’t even mind the long trip home!

As soon as we got back to the Intercontinental I soaked in the bath, had room service and was asleep by 8pm – that’s what I call a good night!

I am now done and dusted for yet another year…whilst always fun I am happy to say fair well to Flemington for another year.

One of the best day at the races yet!

OUTFIT – Toni Maticevski skirt and top,

Scanlan shoes,

Alex McQueen clutch and a net for my fascinator!

MAKE UP –  Tra Dallas

HAIR –  Ivan Constable

ACCOMMODATION – Intercontinental Melbourne

WHERE – Myer Lexus and Lavattza marquee,

TRANSPORT – very extravagant chopper!

2012 Derby was one one of the best days ever. MK and I had an amazing crew with my close friend Tania G joining us from Sydney. Thanks to our friends at the VRC we also had a rock star chopper which allowed us to dash in and out without the dreaded traffic that usually accompanies such races days!

My first half of the day was spend judging Myer Fashions on the field, things like this are always tough due to the high caliber of talent on show and Derby was no different. I was so impressed with so many of the outfits although I do have to say I am slightly over the peplum – I just think it has been done to death!

The second half of my day was spent with girlfriends in the Myer, Lexus and Lavazza Marque. Unfortunately I had the misfortune of my first races tumble when leaving the Lexus marque…I hadn’t even had a drink yet!  Probably one of the more embarrassing moments of my life but as my grandmother kindly stated after the fact ‘at least you would have been better dressed than Julia’. Not sure if you guys know what she was referring to but it was Julia Gillard – I had no idea but it made me feel better!

After my tumble and few champagnes we spent the rest of the day dancing up a storm in the Lavattza marque (always the best time!!!) Only one minor injury was obtained here when – what felt like a giant – stood on me, ‘mangling my foot’ on the plus side, I didn’t feel it until the end of the day!

Derby Day is still and will always be my favorite day! Because it is the first day everybody is in a festive mood, fresh and there to have a good time!

Thanks so much to VRC for having us! I hope we behaved ourselves?

On a final note MK and I attend the Laurent Perrier after party which was a fantastic end to a great day!

p.s no injury was obtained at the after party.