You would already be aware that I divide my time between Melbourne and Bali which means when I am back in Melbourne for work, I hit the ground running and am in back-to-back meetings!

I barely have time to do anything and the massive list that the children give me of what to buy them as their (gifts) is ever expanding! I often also need to just grab some bits and pieces in general for myself and the family as a whole. Thank goodness there is a Target store near me when I am back and staying in Melbourne! It’s my one stop shop and in there I can get my hands on any number of things for the kids, as well as some basics and accessories for myself.

The children’s clothes at Target are so on trend and so affordable, and the fact that my children are growing at a rate of knots Target kids’ fashion is perfect for them! I love the t-shirts and skirts for Stella and this denim skirt is perfect for her. For Rocco, there are Batman costumes, great wearing t-shirts, shorts, and other basics. And for little Frankie, there is just almost too much to choose from!

Personally I find it a ridiculous waste of money to spend copious amounts of cash on children’s clothing as they trash them in half a second. With all the different collaborations that Target is involved in such as Ksubi for Kids and Collete Dinnigan for Kids there is also no fear of daggy looking kids hanging out in the playground!

While I am in there, let’s face it, there is also some things that I can grab for myself. Target has great basics and ‘essentials’ and some of the accessories on offer are great to pair up with an outfit.

In this trip I stocked up: all the basics like undies, bras and t-shirts and then of course I had to do the toy aisle too!! I don’t think I would ever be forgiven if I didn’t bring back something Batman-related for Rocco!!!!

You can check out all that Target has on offer here