Now that I am lucky enough to be spending the majority of my time on a tropical island, it means that generally I will be donning my bikini’s at least once a day.

Like most women, I often struggle with the idea that I have had three children, and am getting slightly on in the years however, as long as I am not lying in front of a mirror I really don’t care and neither should you. As long as you feel comfortable I figure go for it!

Sadly, I have found that most of my favorite old brands just aren’t up to scratch when it comes to actually wearing them more than a few times in them in the pool or ocean (I suppose back home I wasn’t going for a dip every other day and didn’t tend to notice so much). After only a few wears they just seemed to start falling apart!

I also can’t comprehend how a teeny tiny piece of fabric that is so small can cost up to $300 (or more)!!! Any how I thought I may share with you my new favorite brands EVER….!

Triangl Bikinis release new prints all the time and at only $79 a set they are pretty much a steal. In fact I can get 3.7 pairs for the old price I used to pay! Everything to do with the design is carefully thought out down to the very last degree and with a handy online shop it makes things super easy! You can check them out here at

I have included some images for your just to get you even more excited…I hope you enjoy them as mush as I do!

Malibu Blue


Miami Mint

ImageAnd last but not least…New York Noir