Okay…so I have finally got my hands on some items from the Ksubi Kids for Target range and I have to say Stella and Rocco are in LOVE!!!

My two eldest children have never been known for dressing conservatively (Rocco used to rock his Hi Top Trainers and tutu at the age of three – MK was a little worried there for a while…hehe) but I guess I am not really known for that either.

I have always felt that the way you dress reflects your personality and both Stella and Rocco are sooooo Ksubi Kids! Loud, fun and a little bit eccentric!

I have never made my children wear a particular type of clothing. Although I am the one who obviously buys the outfits they decide from day to day what to wear and have a strong say in what they like and don’t like. Stella particularly will often have several outfit changes throughout the day (much to my dismay as the washing basket continues to fill) and if she doesn’t like something that I have brought she simply won’t put it on. Discussion closed.

Although we all love to shop I have always found it hard to find kids’ clothing that is unique, durable and doesn’t break the bank… although it is tempting to spend a sizeable about of money on your kids clothes as they look so cute, it just isn’t practical when they will be too big for it within 6 months.

Thanks to the Ksubi Kids for Target range, we are thankfully sorted; and the best part is we love the outfits the kids received and the kids love them too! Check out the hashtag for some more pics #KsubiTarget2012

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.45.56 AMphoto