WHERE – Swisse Marquee, Mumm and Gucci suite

DRESS + SHOES – Gucci (lucky me)! Headdress was H& M Singapore and I had my favorite florist In Full Bloom South Melbourne sew flowers on.

HAIR – Ivan Constable from Work Sense in the city (http://www.worksensehair.com.au/)

MAKE UP – Tre’ Dallas

ACCOMMODATION – Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto

I was feeling a little tired on Cup Day as I had been working on Monday in the office (unlike the rest of Melbourne who seemed to take Monday off work).

Thankfully my dress was sorted late the week before and I was a very lucky girl wearing Gucci!

No rock star chopper this time but we had a very lovely drive, Stan. Unfortunately the traffic was horrific and we where stuck for what felt like hours on the way in. I guess that’s the way things go with the races.

We arrived at the Birdcage to find that MK was not actually allowed entry to the races due to no socks. Panic set in but only for a short while as a lovely kid selling the Herald Sun on the corner politely offered MK the use of his socks for the day in exchange for a Facebook photo!

I have always said that MK was immune against bacteria disease such as Tinea due to his many years on pool floors but I don’t know about this one. God only knows what fungal infections where exchanged that day….makes me laugh as MK is usually the most anal one out of the both of us when it comes to that kind of thing, To make matters worse we then noticed that the fashion on the fields winner for that day wasn’t wearing socks (WTF!).

Moving on…the Swisse Marquee was lot’s of fun, they had great Lachi cocktails and we met some fantastic Olympians who had just returned from the 2012 Olympics. We also caught up with a good friend  George Calombaris and his beautiful pregnant wife Nat.

We strolled past the Mumm Marquee where they kindly asked MK to ‘knock the top off one’ – there words not mine. This would have had to be the highlight of MK’s days (apart from the socks of course).

We then headed up to Gucci which had the most amazing view. It never ceases to amaze me as their box is positioned right over the finish line. Whilst there we where treated to more beautiful cocktails and amazingly yummy food. It was lovely to meet all Gucci’s VIP customers t00! Another pic below…MK and I just couldn’t help ourselves.

5 O’clock – home time!!! I was so happy to see Stan our driver and didn’t even mind the long trip home!

As soon as we got back to the Intercontinental I soaked in the bath, had room service and was asleep by 8pm – that’s what I call a good night!

I am now done and dusted for yet another year…whilst always fun I am happy to say fair well to Flemington for another year.