With less than a week to go until Spring Racing I thought I would share some insiders tips!

I often get asked about fashion – what and what not to wear . My first tip is definitely don’t go overboard… there is nothing worse than seeing someone prance around wearing every nice piece they own! Instead I like to keep it simple and work around either the hat or the dress.
One of my worst fashion nightmares at the races, or any event really, is rocking up in the same dress as some one else and when it comes to races time there is a very high chance this could happen.

To avoid this I suggest wearing something from a few seasons ago or even go vintage shopping. Its a bonus as the vintage look is in this year anyway with lots of the 50- 60’s influences coming through. Below is a vintage number that I picked up at the South Melbourne markets for $10, with a few alterations and teaming it with my favorite pair of Balenciaga boots I was able to get a great outfit!

I love hats but unfortunately hats don’t love me! My head always tends to look like a pea under a massive piece of material. Instead I opt for hair pieces, if however I stumble across a hat that has the right fit then it is a very lucky day.

In the past I have also tried to use my hair as the fashion accessory although this once backfired making me look like queen of Japan. MK still tires to tell me it looks fine but I know the truth!
Another tip, don’t try any new make up tricks as this will only stress you out. I always like to stick to the tried and tested looks. Plus remember ladies we are not going to a night club so less is more! Try and remember the words ‘light’ and ‘fresh’.
In your clutch make sure you bring your -I phone, tissues, cash, band aids, gloss. Just the usual I guess but please place emphasis on the band aids as if you are wearing new shoes it can make for a long day and I know I don’t need to say it but PLEASE do not take them off.

If your packing a picnic try and carry it in a nice basket.
Have a look at Ed Dicksons website as they do really nice hampers as do most of your local delies . If you go in a group and you all pitch in its  less stress and much nicer having it done for you!

Most of all have fun and enjoy the day!
p.s A saying that I have is “nothing good really happens after 1 am” so if you are still out with your fascinator on and your bottle of pink, it’s time to reflect and perhaps take yourself home.
As for horse tips –  I can’t really help you ! It’s probably best to listen to one or two people. If your anything like me you will get confused as everybody becomes an expert after a few drinks and I would really prefer to save my money and spend it on shoes anyway!