My husband MK and I are setting off on a business trip to the UK.
While I am dreading leaving the kids behind I guess work is work and the grandparents have dutifully flown over from Australia to provide assistance. All I can say is thank god for Skype, as I don’t think I could leave without knowing that I can still communicate with them this way!
When packing my bag I had a little laugh to myself about my essentials that always come with me. Obviously going to to Europe where it is getting very cold I have packed lot’s and lot’s of warm things.

First and foremost I am LOVING this new brand Kid check it out here. They have the best cashmere’s ever! When the weather gets cold I find it hard to part ways with this little item.

My Isabel Marant jumper is another must have that I just can’t live without. The Kit Cashmere or Isabelle Marrant are easily teamed with my Connies and skinny leg jeans creating the perfect, warm and comfy outfit, time and time again which is great for travelling.

My other essentials are my massive can of Glen 20 (you never know who has been touching that remote control before you) and my Diptyque candles that remind me of home.

For some reason scent is really important for me. The first time I had to leave Frankie for the night I had to go out and buy the reeds that I had had in the hospital room when she was born just because I knew I would miss her so much – weird but true!

My last and final must have on this trip was the new read, The Engagement. For someone that never has time to read, travelling long distance like this finally provides me with the time to get into a good book.

That’s all from me for now but stay tuned as we will have some more exciting news on the Milk & Co front form the UK shortly.