I have a bit of gripe to write about this week (every week). I am finding more and more often that the bathroom facilities, in restaurants, are either in mysterious locations which are almost impossible to find or unusable.

I now no longer go out to dinner to enjoy a nice meal but to sit there constantly fretting that I may need to use the toilets, which who knows if I will actually be able to find. Inevitably (especially if you are having a few drinks) the time comes that you begin the search for these long lost facilities and this is where things get worse.

I am all for design and nice looking things but I don’t want to be made to feel like a frigging idiot when I can’t determine whether it is the boy’s toilet or girl’s, don’t know where the button is to turn the tap on and then finally can’t find the thing to dry them. Do they have secret hidden camera’s where the staff and management can take a seat and laugh about it later?

I think I am actually getting bathroom paranoia. If other women are feeling the same, I am afraid that there might be a new epidemic of urine tract infections solely due to this fact!