I have been very intrigued by the new series Go Back to Where You Came From that has been screening on SBS the last few weeks and I will be so upset to be on a plane whilst the final episode airs tonight!  

Refugees and so called ‘boat people’ have always had a place in my heart, the horrible stories that emerge are devastating and this series just goes to show how truly horrible some of the tales are. I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine a life being so terrible that you would leave everything and everyone to board a boat that might possibly sink. Apparently many of the people know this risk but simply take it just to get away.

Most of these boat people arrive with no form of identification and therefore can’t apply for refugee status, like other more privileged people can. This means if you do survive the boat trip you can face years and years of life in a camp not knowing your fate.

For me this program has been hugely upsetting. I have found myself lying awake at night wondering what we and most importantly I can do to help these people. I don’t want to give myself the chance (again) to get caught up in my every day, easy life. I want to do something to help NOW! Last night I even stayed up thinking about a career as a nurse just so I could assist with something worthy…although in the light of day I am not so sure about that one.

Now, I won’t even begin to talk about the political side of things because, to be honest, I don’t know what the answer is there either. I am not trying to be a saint, all I know is that no human should ever have to live a life that these people live.

I wasn’t born the smartest person on earth and lord knows I have probably made a few spelling mistakes writing this blog, but I cannot and will not let myself forget about these people. If anyone knows of any way to assist, more than just sponsoring a child, please let me know! I actually feel sick writing this in my comfy office with a full belly and healthy children at home.

Unfortunately that’s all for me for now but to find out what I am talking about, make sure you tune in tonight on SBS at 8.30pm.

P.S I now understand why Angelina has so many children, how could you not want to take them home after you have seen all that she has first hand!