I know, I know, those toothy smiles are cute, right? But trying to get all those little teeth clean and brushed properly is proving to be quite difficult and I don’t know about you, but doing the breath test on two kids (and scrubbing away at Frankie’s little toothies) is not my idea of a fun morning or night!

It seemed to me that teeth time was becoming increasingly hard, plus I was worried about what I was actually putting in my little ones’ mouths. I mean I know it has Dora the Explorer on it, but it is bright blue and tastes of bubble gum. It can’t be good for you?

Anyway to cut a long story short my husband and I started working on Milk Baby Toothy Pegs, a certified organic toothpaste for kids. As always the product started with our kids and ends with our kids, they gave us the idea and we made sure they loved it!

Milk Baby Toothy Pegs is Australian made (actually an hour’s drive from where we live in Melbourne) and has a great orange tasting flavour that kids go absolutely crazy for!

Using all organic ingredients we were able to create a toothpaste to rival all others on your shelf at an affordable price ($5.99 for 50ml). I have listed some of the ingredients and facts below for you:

We use Aloe Vera juice which is shown to kill more bacteria than at least two leading toothpastes;
– Coconut oil which is a powerful, natural antibacterial and antifungal. It is proven to be excellent for your gums, the oil kills the bacteria that are responsible for gingivitis;
– Organic olive oil which is shown to limit plaque formation and strengthen teeth
– Organic stevia is known as a natural plaque inhibitor.

Most importantly it is free of sulphates, fluorides and mineral oils.

Milk Baby Toothy Pegs has received rave reviews and will be stocked in selected Woolworth’s, Baby Bunting, independent pharmacies and boutiques and of course online at www.milkskincare.com.

Milk Baby Toothy Pegs will be reaching shelves early September….