As you all know I am relatively new to the whole social media thing and still only really do the bare minimum, i.e. my blog and Instagram…which I absolutely love!

In saying that my husband MK is on Twitter and Facebook, and between us (like many of you), we have started following some pretty high profile names – who doesn’t want to see Balenciaga pics of Paris!

Although there are so many things to love about this new phenomena of social media, I must say that I am absolutely appalled by some of the comments that people feel the need to write on people’s images and profiles, often that they have never met, for all to see!

I, like many people, am all about having a opinion (which I often use my blog to voice) but there are certain ways to express yourself without having to call someone, and I quote from a recent Instagram post I was witness to, “a fat ugly c**t”. What is wrong with these people??

In my mission to combat online bullying I have managed to track down a few of these cowards. You would think this would be quite an easy process, but with my limited computer skills it turned out to be a rather timely effort. And you want to know what the funny thing is? They are always the ones that are following 10,000 people but only have their Mum and Dad following them in return.

The same goes for the web forums. These are usually lonely and sad individuals with nothing better to do than hate on others – it seems like tall poppy syndrome has taken over the social media world.

It seems to me that we are constantly concerned with school yard and social media bullying in our children, but alas, here we are doing exactly the same thing to people that we have often not even met! What a fine example we are setting.

To try and rectify this I am thinking that a name and shame app needs to be applied. Would these people say this kind of thing in real life? I really do wonder…

In saying all this though, it is not as though I am a saint. Of course there are people that annoy me online, and in real life for that matter, but online I can CHOOSE not to follow them. It’s simple – you have an option!

Above all I think the age old rule applies. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all!