As many of you might be aware, MK has his skincare range Milk by Michael Klim under our lifestyle range Milk & Co. Not only has this been keeping him busy now that he has retired from swimming (again!) but also keeps him looking quite well groomed if I do say so myself.

Then there is our Milk Baby (that I created off the back of MK’s range) range which the kids just love. Stella’s fave is the Fairy Detangler, she goes nuts with it! And Frankie has been getting so much use out of the Protect Me + Sunscreen while we have been in Bali.

But now I can’t help but think, “What about me?!”

I believe that many of the products in the Milk for men range are great for women too, and often sneak some of MK’s products for myself, so I thought I’d share my top 3 Milk & Co products that are great for us girls as well as the men in our lives…

Scrub + Cleanse Wipes – Men’s face scrub wipes are often larger than the female brands which can be super convenient for removing make-up as well as daily cleansing. The Milk & Co wipes are double sided, one with exfoliating beads and the other a gentle cleanser, so they are perfect for my skin too. These are ideal for traveling and since we launched these Wipes I no longer catch MK stealing mine, it is now the other way round.


Face Wash + Scrub – Men have bigger pores than women so often the men’s brands of face scrubs have larger and more concentrated exfoliating beads in them. I steal Michael’s Milk & Co Face Wash + Scrub once or twice a week to help rejuvenate my skin with the extra exfoliating qualities. I like that the scent is not too overpowering, like some heavily perfumed products can be.

Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen – I love using this as a base under my make up because it is really nice and light. It’s non-greasy, spreads easily and has a lovely rosemary and mint aroma. Plus, wearing sunscreen daily is also a fantastic way to keep your skin moisturised and protected against UV rays, even when you don’t expect to be in the sun for long periods of time.

So there you have it! These are all available to buy online at or at your local Coles and Woolworth’s. Check them out and give them a go for yourself.

Do you ever raid your man’s side of the bathroom cupboard? What are some of your best finds?