After my last blog (Bali Tips – Updated) I have had a few questions on shopping in Bali.

To be honest I don’t usually do a lot of shopping whilst in Bali (much to MK’s delight). I find that I never really wear the items when I am back in Oz and if I do they shrink two sizes as soon as I wash them. In saying that after a week of no shopping I tend to get a little antsy and these resolutions slowly disappear. At first I am just popping in to take a look and the next thing I know I have a few bags in hand.

Here is my pick from my latest trip and I am happy to report all items have been washed and still fit:

Little Horn – this place has the best kids clothing, Stella and Rocco both wear a lot from here and Frankie is just getting into it too.

Horn Emporium – couldn’t find a website for this one so have attached the facebook page!

Paradis – This place has fantastic silk kimonos (which I just had to get).

Mister Zimi – this place has great summer dresses and Beson shorts for the guys.

Deus– for bikes, surf boards, sunglasses and all men’s clothing.

Shakuhachi – There are a few stores in Bali but I always visit the Seminyak store.

It’s funny but whilst I am in Bali I find that I actually don’t care too much about fashion. I don’t have a full length mirror at our place and I don’t even care, it’s rather refreshing really.

Please note that just because of this latest revelation it does not mean you will catch me parading around Bali in a Thai Fisherman’s pants and MK’s old flip flops, but when I am here I am not constantly lusting over the latest shoes and handbags.

It’s nice to have a break every now and then but I guess the sad thing is as soon as the plane touches down in Oz I will start caring again, madly flipping through my Vogue to see what I have missed out on. I guess that’s where the saying ‘keeping up with the Jones’ applies…

That’s all from me for now.