We don’t get much sleep in my house. There’s not a night that goes by without us playing games and mucking around with at least one of our children. But as much as this can sometimes be tiring and a little frustrating, it doesn’t seem to bother me.

I knew when I decided to have children that sleepless nights were going to be included in the package. I find some people get so hung up on talking about sleeping patterns and routines with children and complain about the lack of sleep in their house. Yes, I agree, it can be a really hard and stressful time for parents but it’s important to try and not let it get the better of you.

One thing that I do want to share with you is that my eldest children Stella and Rocco were terrible sleepers. After Rocco was born I decided to do something about it and I got in contact with a fantastic lady called Kate Mills who is an Infant Sleep Consultant.

Kate helped me put Rocco into a casual routine, which helped with his sleeping and I used Kate again when I had Frankie. Kate’s nature made a real difference because she is such a calm and chilled out person, which really rubbed off on our family.


I believe that it’s important to be a little flexible with kids and to remember that there will always be an answer for everything; you just have to try your best.

Kate Mills – www.sleepschoolathome.com.au