As I am a regular visitor to Bali, I am quite good when it comes to packing my suitcase – I know what I need to take and what I can go without.

But after many visits and a new bub to cart around, I have a list of essentials that I never leave the house without when venturing off overseas.

1. Chantecaille – A retinol intense cream (I get really bad pigmentation on my upper lip and it looks like I have a permanent moustache)

2. Mecca SPF 30+ Tinted Sunscreen – My absolute favourite

3. Lots of books – My latest is ‘The Perfect Location’ by Kate Forster (and Bali is the perfect location to read it in)

4. My new Chloe Aviators – A gift from my besite Jerome

5. Nappies for Frankie – I find it very weird that in Bali you can only buy nappies in packs of 4

6. Ergo Baby Carrier – I love this as I can use it on my back, and take it from me, the roads in Bali are terrible and this way baby Frankie can get out and about