I love jewellery, however, I am very hard to buy for as most pieces I like are quite obscure and a little out there. I am definitely not a Tiffany’s type of girl.

For everyday pieces that I will never take off, I am absolutely obsessed with Van Rycke. They are so minimalist and contemporary and very understated.

For stand out pieces I am obsessed with Blandine Bardeau who is a French artist and designer, illustrator and painter who has worked with Louis Vuitton and Converse. Her love of colour and funky designs will definitely make you stand out in a crowd for good reasons.


Of all the places, I actually found a store in Adelaide, which stocks Blandine Bardeau… who would of thought hey?!

Other designers that I’m obsessed with are Erickson Deamon, Iosselliani (stocked in Husk stores) … I think you can see a trend here, as I love the colour and the bohemian feel.

I also love MoutonCollet who are Belgium designers as well as Solarn, which is stocked in Scanlan and Theodore. And by the way, they have the most amazing pumps in the Chapel St window that these would go perfectly with!