Every single friend of mine keeps raving on about Chin Chin. So, finally last night we went there to celebrate our friend Emmy’s birthday.

A good friend of ours came up with why it is called Chin Chin, he thinks ‘chin’ means ‘one ‘in some Far East language, so ‘chin chin’ means two, and two hours is exactly the time we had to wait to get a table.

It was definitely well worth the wait though! The food was absolutely amazing and the place really does have a great atmosphere. 


The wait wasn’t so bad because they have a bar downstairs where you can start off on some cocktails. So this proved a great distraction from the fact that it was such a long wait especially when we had the intention of eating at 6pm!

My favourite dish was the hot plate, which is an array of different chilli condiments, and I also suggest that you should go with a group of people so you can order a few different dishes to get a taste of everything.

So Chin Chin has definitely made it on to my list of favourite restaurants at the moment, and I am already craving it again!