As the nights get colder and darker, I’m finding myself stripping off my day clothes and slipping into something a little more comfy.

My latest obsession is beautiful pyjamas – but I’m not talking about the flannel loud printed Kmart type, but beautiful luxurious silk and jersey in muted tones type.

My lovely husband, as a gift for having to be almost like a single parent for the last 18 months, kindly bought me a pair of my favourite label PJs Love and Lustre, I was actually hoping for a Isabel Marant jacket, but gift-buying for him is not a frequent thing, so I have to take what I can get – and as I say, I do love Love and Lustre.


Another brand I am obsessed with are Knickers are Naughty, they have one of my favourite hot pink slips that I absolutely love. Another label is Bodas that have beautiful stripy pyjamas and silk nightshirts.

At least if someone has to pop over at around 5pm, I’m not too embarrassed to be in my PJ’s.

P.S – I’m still waiting for my jacket… ah, hint hint MK!