So you’ve probably heard by now that MK didn’t make the Olympic team. I surprised myself at how emotional I got when he swam his last race, I just felt so bad for him as he had worked his butt off.

It was bittersweet as I wanted him home with us but I also wanted him on the team. At least what he did was what he wanted to do, and that was for the kids to see him race.

Our little tour of Adelaide was interesting and I think the kids had a good time, although I think they may have contracted scurvy from eating too many hot chips.

I was thankful for my two friends Liba and Nat who came along to help out and also to calm my nerves. I was also thankful that I packed the Glen20, as the hotel accommodation was less than desirable.

MK’s family were also there watching on as he competed in yet another Olympic trial. I can’t imagine what it must be like for his Mum and Dad to watch him swim but they have been there every step of the way and have been so supportive of his dreams.


All in all, I think MK was relieved and we can finally move onto the next chapter in our lives: Milk is going from strength to strength and we may also do a little time in Bali. Although, if MK keeps eating the way he has been prior to the swim trials, you may possibly see him put on 50kg and get the chance to see him on Celebrity Overhaul!

I’m extremely proud of my husband for all that he has achieved; he is still one of the greatest athletes Australia has ever seen.