The time has finally come to see if Michael will make it on to the Olympic team and just quietly, I am shitting myself!

I met Michael at the end of his first, and amazingly successful, swimming career so I have never really seen this side of him. It’s been quite an experience – some good, some challenging, always exciting… as well as a bit “nail-biting” – like now!

Another great addition to this experience with Michael is his hot-hot-hot body! A hubby with abs like his; well, let’s just say it is not unpleasant.

Going into this experience with him, though I am not the swimmer, I never really realised the commitment he, or the rest of the family, would have to make. I am not going to lie; it has been a challenge – and yes Michael has been the butt of my jokes in recent posts – but what I do have to say is that I am so proud of him.

Michael is one the most humble people you will ever meet and not once has he ever complained about his busy schedule, juggling a full-on business, being a dad and husband and of course, his swimming.

He went back to swimming in a team with some kids half his age; has been going on camps, sharing rooms… there’s been no special treatment whatsoever. He has gone along with whatever has come his way.

Actually, now I think of it … perhaps he has actually enjoyed hanging out with the younger kids, or maybe he has just been enjoying being away from a fiery wife?!

To let you in on a little secret, what I have been trying to do is give MK some pep talks … but what the hell do I know? I have never raced in anything!

So I figured, the best I can do is make him a kick-arse playlist to fire him up!

If Michael doesn’t make it, he can safely say he has done everything possible, revelled in and thoroughly enjoyed the journey, and our life will go on with people always remembering him as one of Australia’s greatest athletes.

Of course, I am the first to say I am not an expert on swimming or sport, it is purely and simply my take on things. Whether or not any of the “comeback” swimmers make it into the Australian team, a great result will be that it has everyone talking about the swimming and what a fantastic sport it is.

When all is said and done, I am so very proud of him, as are our children, friends and family. So, go, go Michael; I can hear the beats pumping out of his iPod now as he gears himself up and we are right there with him!