I just recently read an article on the pressure of looking good for the school drop off… I was, and still am astounded: what a load of shit!

Frankly, the pressure people place on themselves is their own fault. They are simply causing their own grief and adding to an increase in their own stress levels.









I know myself that I barely have time to look or even care about what other people are wearing. All I care about is that my children are safely dropped off and that they are there on time.

The stress of trying to find a car park and then file three kids out of the car with heavy backpacks that are so heavily packed they look like they’re trying to travel for Europe for a year; well, I simply don’t care!

So, if you are a parent responsible for the daily school drop off, and you care what you look like at that time of the day, in my mind you really are putting way too much pressure on yourself.

Lighten up a little, because if you don’t you may find yourself in the nuthouse.

Life is stressful enough don’t you think?