Why I choose Clarks.

To those of you who have children at school age, you have probably already gotten your shit together with school items i.e. uniform, bags, shoes etc.

But if you are anything like me, everything I do is very last minute. Yes, it would be much easier to plan ahead more often, but such is life.

I can safely say I now have become a little more organised and my kids are ready to go off to school with shiny new shoes and oversized back packs.

This year I was lucky enough to be an ambassador for Clark shoes.

It was a good fit (ha-ha) as I, myself grew up with Clarks (as my mother always said I always had very narrow feet and Clarks were the only shoes that fit me.)

Now that two of my own children are all grown up and off to school, I have continued the tradition as they are great quality shoes.

Kids spend so much time wearing school shoes – and their feet are not properly formed until they reach their teens – so you want to make sure they are comfortable and will last.

If your kids’ shoes don’t fit their feet properly they can end up with very bad feet and posture: just like my husband who has worst feet anyone has ever seen!

They mustn’t have had Clarks in Poland where he grew up! Ha-ha!

Check out this clip of my Stella getting fitted for her shoes: