The only thing about staying in a resort (and this is not the Byron at Byron’s fault) but with any resort I find that you always seem to have a bunch of people who are loud talkers. These people LOVE  to scream across the pool to each other, just about their plans for the day and to be honest, I don’t  give a f*ck if Sarah is going back to her room before her massage and will bring back fresh towels. I just need some peace and quiet after the school holidays!

We seem to always be seated next to these loud talkers at dinner too and usually I find that there is one stand out loud person – the ring leader! I wouldn’t care if they were funny and I could have a little laugh as well but last night I had to listen to this girl ‘Sarah’ talking about her sleeping positions and to top it off she laughed like a hyena  – what’s wrong with these people don’t have any social etiquette what so ever???

I guess the up side is that I have all day to be an Olympic Widow and watch my husband swim up and down, and up and down, and up and down. All in pure peace and quiet!