Byron at Byron – it has been a really long time since MK and I have been away just the two of us – to stay at a resort. Even on our honeymoon we had a 12 week old little Stella to join us.

Don’t get me wrong MK and I have plenty of trips away together but it usually involves appearances, work  and on the odd occasion partying (we still like to have a good time when we can). However we never go away just together and sit beside a pool – to do nothing (I am not very good at doing nothing so let’s hope we don’t fight).

This is our second time staying at the Byron at Byron, the first time we had Stella with us and it was actually where I found out I was pregnant with Rocco. It’s a perfect place with children or without. The rooms are so beautiful and it is set in the rain forest so it is very peaceful. Each room has a kitchenette which is perfect for preparing a quick bottle or meal if the kids are around.  The pool area is fantastic with not a plastic banana lounge in sight. It’s all set on beautiful wooden decking – the 25 meter lap pool is also a bonus for us as my husband can still train. I however just have little dips in and out (as Michael tells me “Asian’s are not the best swimmers”, I tend to agree). There is also a kids pool which is a massive plus. It is a short stroll to the beach, however you may come across a few snakes and lizards on the way, but all part of nature I guess.

On the way to the beach what I actually found out was that I should really be the Olympian in this family – my specialty being long jump. My sensational long jumping career was launched by a jump from several meters away onto Michael’s back with no problem what so ever after seeing one of these snakes (or maybe it was a lizard). After this jump Michael likened me to a Gazelle – that Gazelle not Gisele unfortunately.

Back to Byron at Byron the food is sensational all cooked by Chef Gavin Huges and the spa treatments are to die for but what I love most about this place is it’s friendly staff who will always remember you. Let’s just say I really do love this place and if I do feel like doing a bit of fire twirling or bongo playing it is just a short trip into town – just make sure you don’t get run over by a wicked van or a flower power combie – driven by a backpacker but hey, it wouldn’t be Byron without them!