Well I have done it, 8 weeks of school holidays without help and only a part time husband!

With Michael away training for his last chance at entry into the Olympic Games, I seem to have found myself as an Olympic Widow! At least I only have four months left (unless he makes another come back!)

Needless to say this would explain my lack of posts.

Despite it all I really enjoyed the first half of school holidays but by the end I really could have gotten in the car, all alone and kept driving, to a very far far away destination.

No doubt I would have then been on Crime Watch or the likes with ‘have you seen this person’. There is no way Michael would have let me get away with this that easily.

As we couldn’t get away this year, I had all three children at home, all day every day as well as a business with five staff, and extended family popping in for birthday parties/ long weekends….let’s just say. It was a lot. The kids started to get sick of each other and sick of me but I was already sick of them. What didn’t make it any easier was when come bath time (the only time that my husband is occasionally home) he would conveniently book in a massage. “But he is an athlete don’t you know ?”And why might I ask do the drug testers have to arrive right on dinner time EVERY time. I am not sure how or why it takes an hour to pee in a jar?

I apologise to all my friends who I have neglected over the past 8 weeks, and for my shabby appearance. My hair is in need of a good cut and color and I think I am also sporting a moustache and it’s not even Movember!

All that being said and whilst I do think I have gone a little crazy and seem highly stressed, it’s not all bad.  My husband  had the foresight to book three days away for the two of us to recharge (even though I was the only stressed one).   Please don’t get me wrong, I love my little one’s but doing it all on my pat malone was tough!