Its my last day of the program and I must admit I am a little sad. Am I sad because I know that as of next week I am back in the kitchen and no longer will my secret little chef be dropping off meals to my front door? Am I sad because I will miss the ease of having everything prepared and ready to eat without stepping foot in a supermarket? Am I sad because I want to keep feeling this energised and am afraid old habits die hard? I think the answer is all of the above.

The last five days have been great (except for my headache day) and eat fit food will definitely be part of my life again. As I mentioned it came at a great time after just having given birth to Frankie. It was a great break from shopping and preparing meals. As we all know cooking is not always high on the agenda with a 4 month old! So thanks to the team at eat fit food and keep up the good work!