Its day 4 and I am feeling good. It really is true that we are what we eat. Unfortunately it is not always that easy, life gets in the way and preparing a healthy nutritious dinner is not always possible.  One great thing about eat fit food is that it gives you some great menu ideas for when you are not on the program. I have been making little notes about healthy dinner alternatives for when Michael gets back and I have to put my apron back on!

Today’s menu again was great, just had a little trouble with the tofu bolognaise. Tofu has never appealed to me and still doesn’t. I was a good girl though and ate my pasta and silver beet.

Breakfast today…free range scrambled eggs with potato rosti, baby spinach and tomato jam
Lunch today…Tofu Bolognaise with quinoa gluten free pasta and silver beet
Dinner today…Ginger and garlic poached chicken with Asian greens