Today was a good day! I woke up bright and early feeling ready to go. There was no headache, which I was super happy about, and I know it sound a little clichéd, but I really did feel great.

I started the day with gluten free toast with poached eggs and tomato basil salsa. When I dished up the kids’ cereal I was so grateful for my healthy alternative. After a busy morning of school drops and general errands I made it home still feeling like I could run a marathon (albeit a smallish one!). I sat down to a HUGE salad of brown rice and mixed vegetables, nuts and seeds. I know what you are thinking, bird food right? But quite the opposite, the salad was really tasty and just what I needed on this warm Melbourne day.

By the time dinner rolled around I still felt full of energy and the kids were delighted they got to ride to ride their bikes to the park with “Mum”. I sat down to a dinner of fish and chips, something I have not eaten for a long time…YUM!