I have recently come across a great company called eat fit food (www.eatfitfood.com.au), and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I have just finished breast-feeding Frankie and my skin has decided to break out terribly…I look like a 15 year old!  Although my eating habits are not the best I still love cooking and I do try to eat healthy, but with 3 kids and Michael away my nutritional standards have slipped somewhat. My usual nightly meal is either the kids leftovers or cereal, I am not good at cooking for one!  Anyway enough about me, I was talking about eat fit food!

This great company offers a wide range of chef prepared meals that are super healthy and nutritious, but best of all, they are delivered to your door fresh daily! I have decided to start with a 5 day detox, which is perfect with Michael away…one more night of nutri grain could have tipped me over the edge!

As with most mums, there are days when you are run off your feet, so much so that even going to the loo needs to be scheduled in your diary! For this reason alone I love not having to think about groceries and what to cook each night. It is such a great surprise each day when I look into my cooler bag to see what I will be eating. Plus knowing that I will be getting all the nutrients I need to look after myself means I can focus on the more important things like my kids….

I know I can blame my hormones all I like but as the old saying goes “You are what you eat”, so I guess that’s why I look like a box of pizza shapes right now! So tomorrow I will begin the detox…wish me luck…and to all the jelly beans out there…I will miss you!