Save for my 2 Spring Carnival posts, my lack of cyber communication over the past month has been sparse. I think I have a good excuse! Michael is currently away in Spain so getting 5 minutes to myself is practically impossible with the 3 kids to manage, where am I going with 5 minutes, getting 2 minutes is impossible! As most of you may know, Michael is trying out for the 2012 Olympics so he is currently in Spain on an altitude training camp. I guess I should not complain about having it tough, my conditions here at home are far better than what he is going through right now. Long days, blizzard conditions, grueling training and sharing a poky backpacker type room with a porn surfing 22 year old is not my idea of a good time. That said of the hard times for him it still did not stop us from having our first “skype” fight!  Its hard to convey the frustrations of home when your husband is thousands of miles away doing it tough without feeling like a bit of a whiner, but we all need to vent right? So as you can imagine the conversation went downhill fast and our sykpe chat soon turned into an all out skype argument. I can tell you that slamming the computer shut is just as rewarding as slamming the door after a good fight. We are yet to try out the skype “make-up” call!!!

Michael is still away for another couple of days and both the kids and I are really missing him. It is a bittersweet situation as the training is necessary and it is something that he really wants to do, but having him so far away for so long is tough.