Over the course of having three children, I have somehow gone through at least six or seven different prams. I can NEVER find the right pram! Up until now I have thought that men must have been the soul designers of these useless, heavy and ugly contraptions.
In saying this I have now found the perfect pram – two actually. The first is a Mamas and Papas brand called Mylo. This pram is great for newborn babies, is super easy to fold and looks stylish too! Almost too good to be true, I know!
Another plus with the Mylo pram is that I have noticed Gwen Stefani has one. So if it’s good enough for Gwen, it’s good enough for me…and you!

Gwen Stefani pushes son Zuma in a Mylo by Mamas & Papas pram.








The second is the Phil and Teds Verve, perfect if you have two children still needing prams (I know Rocco sometimes still gets a little tired and will hijack the front seat).  This is also easy to use and I love that the website has a run through on how to use it so you don’t have to consult a manual which takes me a week to read.
Definitely check these out if you are in the market for a new pram. Between these two I am definitely set!