Hi All,

Sorry it has been a little quiet on here of late, but I have been a little busy with the recent arrival of our third child (and second girl), Frankie Klim.

Apologies for the gushing posts to come, as it’s not usually me however I am just so in love with her. She is absolutely divine. Unlike Stella and Rocco, she is blonde and blue eyed with a pale complexion (and actually a freaky rash at the moment – must get that checked out). Sometimes when feeding I am shocked that she can actually be mine. Finally my husband seems to have gotten a look in genetically.

I apologise in advance that my next few blog posts will no doubt be baby related but I just love her so much! I would have a hundred more if it wasn’t for the stretched ‘vagine’ and nipples that resemble jumbo chocolate bullets.

Will write more soon once settled in.