So it has been awhile but I am back!

As you may or may not have known, my husband Michael has recently been away in Spain on a month long training camp in preparation for the 2012 Olympics (hence the lack of blog posts).

Whilst it was tough on the whole family having him away for such a long time, there were a few positives such as being able to leave lollies in the cupboard of an evening and them still being there in the morning and less washing.

Throughout the whole month I was overwhelmed by the incredible generosity not only from friends but also acquaintances. They really took lending a cup of sugar to a whole new level!

In general I find it hard to ask for help or even accept when offered. In the past, for example, I would have much preferred to struggle around the supermarket heavily pregnant with a 5 and a 3 year old, throwing tanties and helping themselves to the lolly aisle whilst I simply grinned and bared it, rather than asking a friend for a hand.

This however was not a situation that I found myself in once. Not only was I text daily by close friends and family I was overwhelmed by the kindness and support of people, who themselves lead incredibly busy lives, to just drop around with a coffee, dinner or to take the kids out to the park.

In short I guess this post is a big thanks from me for the amazing generosity shown by family, friends, acquaintances and even in one instance a complete stranger….it has been greatly appreciated!