As you all know I am currently pregnant with my third baby and for those of you who have been pregnant you can attest that at this time looking and feeling your best can be quite the challenge.

At the moment I am obssesed with buying jewellery, candles and comfy pj’s.

Jewellery because it will always fit me, maybe not rings as my fingers currently resemble sausages,  but I am really loving Nicole Fendel jewellery for something modern, beautiful and made in Melbourne, check her out at

Candles because they just make me feel really relaxed and mask the smell of the bizarre types of food I have been eating.

Pj’s because I am spending a whole lot more time in them but I also don’t want to feel like a slob. I have recently come across Babyjo Bamboo, the pj’s are made from bamboo which is the most unbelievably soft fabric and also Skin and Threads for lounge wear. They have super comfy cashmere and organic cotton pieces that make lounge wear cosy and chic. You can get Skin and Threads at Kitty K in Malvern.