Things might be a bit baby obsessed for the next few weeks due to the arrival of my third baby.  It’s always exciting having a new family member on the way and it’s interesting too to see how maternity wear and children’s products are evolving.

I have never really been one to wear maternity clothes, I have always just made do with clothes in a bigger size however I am a huge jeans fan and wear jeans almost everyday. My favourite brands are Tsubi, Superfine and Acne but I can’t justify spending over $300 for a pair of jeans I am just going to wear for the next five months or so.  Whilst on my hunt for a comfortable pair I went into Just Jeans.  I must confess I haven’t shopped in Just Jeans since 1988 (the last time was to purchase acid wash jeans) but recently I came across the most fantastic pair of skinny leg, black, maternity jeans for the amazing price of $89.95. So super comfy these babies should keep me looking as fashionable as can be whilst sporting a baby bump.