I am in love with my Chinese Medicine Doctor.  She is the most beautiful lady, not the stereotypical hippy, free loving, patchouli oil smelling healer you usually imagine.  She has helped me with so many issues from mild skin irritations to my arthritis and is a great person to talk to. I would recommend seeing a Chinese Medicine Doctor as often as your budget allows you.  Life can be stressful and I find that seeing her gets me back on track and helps me relax.

There is a calming energy just being around any type of healer and you don’t need to be a true believer to reap some benefits.  Even if at the time you feel like you didn’t get much out of a session you will reap the benefits late on. Sometimes when I am feeling really healthy and happy I forget to go and see her and at some point end up crashing.  I do think regular maintance sessions are essential in today’s fast paced life.

If you are interested and live in the Melbourne area I go and see Carolina Gonzales at The Nature of Balance 74 Draper Street Albert Park.