Ettiquette…One of my pet hates is when visiting Bali seeing Westerners treat the Balinese like slaves.  Please remember that you are a guest in their country and these are very kind and beautiful people. Things might take a little longer and there will no doubt be lost in translation moments but this is all part of travel and experiencing a new culture.

Religion…Bali is predominantly inhabited by Hindus and those who are not of this religious persuasion are usually from Jakarta or other islands.  Don’t be alarmed if you accidentally step on one of the hunderds of offerings or if your children occasionally eat one of the biscuits/lollies in the offering…it happens to everyone.

Bartering… it is a known fact that you can barter in Bali for almost anything.  Sellers will start by telling you an outrageously high price, you should then counter offer them with an extremely low price and together barter your way to somewhere in the middle.  But don’t get too caught up in this as you can spend a lot of time arguing over what is only a few Australian dollars.

Tipping…I find that it is best to tip any helpers or staff you many employ for your stay at the end of the trip so that they don’t expect a daily tip.  Also any old clothing, books, shoes or even nail varnish is a welcomed gift from the Balinese.

Dogs…For those of you have been to Bali you will know that there are countless mangy dogs.  Animals are considered the lowest form of life by Hindus and although the dogs are stray they are harmless mainly because they don’t have the energy to run after you.  There is a fabulous organisation called The Bali Street Dog Funds who are trying to combat this issue.


Motorbikes…My husband and I always have motorbikes when we visit Bali but I have to stress be really really careful as the road rules in Bali are non existent. Don’t think that because there are limited rules you can go crazy (the fall out of this can be seen on young backpackers with severe gravel rash). Also there is a high possibility you will be pulled over by the police so carry either a 50,000 or 100,000 Rup. note to give them and be on your way. (The police in Bali are not like the police in Australia). You can rent bikes for between 20,000 and 40,000 Rup. per day.