After having children I lost my sense of self and style.

I didn’t feel like a mother on one of those baby commercials and I was no longer just Lindy so I wasn’t sure where I fit. But who says that you have to fit anywhere? That was just me trying to accept this change of identity.

I thought that if I changed my style when my daughter came along I would fit in with all of the other mums in the playground, I bought myself a track suit, which I called my new mum uniform.  But the first time I put them on my husband said to me, WTF are you wearing you look ridiculous! (not that there is anything wrong with tracksuits, I wear them all the time at home) It just wasn’t me.

I love my children but I also love my life, I love clothes, I love music and I love travel and it has taken me a long time to figure out that I can still have all of these things.

To be honest somedays it’s tough but that’s just life, life is busy and hard but what I have learned is I can still be myself and a mum.